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manor road garage compound carlisle

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Some of the more frequent questions members of the public tend to ask us regarding their storage requirements at Storage Carlisle:

Q) What forms of storage do you have

A) Domestic lock up garage storage for private use

Q) Is your storage clean and dry ?

A) All the garage units are well maintained and kept to excellent condition designed to carry all manner of goods.

Q) What sizes do you have

A) All sizes vary - we're talking 16 foot in length up to around 18 foot in length. Enough to store the contents of a typical two bed house if needs be. However, you really need to pay us a visit and satisfy yourself.

Q) What am I allowed to store ?

A) We allow you to store virtually anything as long as its legal and not prohibited. We won't allow certain high risk items such as quad bikes, trial bikes though.

Q) Are the storage units suitable for furniture ?

A) The storage units are suitable for virtually anything including furniture in some instances. If it's all completely furniture for a period of time, we can suggest container storage as an alternative.

Q) Can general public and business make use of them ?

A) YES - public or business, its open to anyone.

Q) How long can I take a unit for ?

A) The minimum period is six months.

Q) How do I go about booking something ?

A) As we can't guarantee we have anything available, please don't leave us to the last minute. You may be disappointed if we're full. We usually have space but you are better making arrangements with us in advance as you may have to go on a waiting list. Your advised to email us if we don't have anything, that way, when we do we will contact you.

Q) Do you offer any other type of storage ?

A) We try to be a flexible operation - if you need something slightly special, please try us, we will try to provide storage solutions based on your requirements.

Q) Are there any hidden charges ?

A) NO - we ask for a months rent and one months deposit only. No extras.

Q) Where are you based ?

A) We have quite a number of sites and for security reasons, won't give out a list of sites ad-hoc unless we have something spare on a particular site. In any case, visits are strictly by appointment for security purposes. What we have is explained on this site in great detail and offer genuine low prices with a price guarantee for like for like storage. If we understand what you need, we will welcome you to take a look at what we have. However, our sites are based around Carlisle mainly in gated compounds with security measures.

Q) Do I have 24 hour access ?

A) YES - you have a key for the main gate and your unit meaning you can come and go as you please.

Q) How much ?

A) From £55+ per depending on size and location

Q) How much space do I need to store my furniture ?

A) How long is piece of string - As a guide a typical garage will hold the contents of a one/two bedroom house, but if it's just furniture storage, please take a look at the links on our home page who specialise in furniture storage.

Q) Can I rack out a garage ?

A) YES - so long as you don't drill hoes through a metal roof. This is permitted.

Q) Are they secure ?

A) We tend to rent garages in decent areas many in compounds, but some out of compounds.

Q) Do you provide a key ?

A) YES, all garages have a key if it's an up and over door. 

Q) Does external storage suffer from damp ?

A) Our garages mainly have damp proofing and correct damp proof courses, however, for private vehicle storage which what they were constructed for, they are absolutely fine. 

Q) Why are you so cheap ?

A) We own and operate all our own sites ie. we don't rent the land the storage sits on meaning we can be very competitive. All our sites are kept clean and tidy. We represent fantastic value for money.

Tel : 07739 103165

a self storage facility

If you require self storage, no matter what it may be, we have storage suitable for any needs covering Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, Penrith, The Lake District. We have a number of sites based around Carlisle. We are city centre based and provide full 24/7 access to your contents.

Tel: 07739 103165

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